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Suit: A conservative, two-piece dark gray or a dark blue business suit made of natural fiber

Suit: A conservative, neutral color skirted suit or pantsuit

Shirt: A white or light blue, long-sleeved dress shirt that is neatly pressed and has a good fit

Shirt: A button-up dress shirt or silk shell; make sure neckline is not revealing and top is not too tight or transparent

Tie: A non-distracting, conservative tie made of 100% silk with a subtle or simple pattern. To learn how to tie a tie, go to www.tie-a-tie.net

Shoes: Coordinating closed-toe dress shoes, heel no higher than 2 inches

Shoes: Clean and polished conservative dress shoes, lace-ups are ideal, shoes should coordinate with suit and be black or brown

Hosiery: Neutral color, bring an extra pair

Socks: Black, navy, brown or gray dress socks that are at least mid-calf high

Hairstyle: Well-groomed and neat

Belt: The belt should match the color of your shoes

Makeup: Conservative and natural-looking

Hairstyle and Facial Hair: Well-groomed and neat, no facial hair is ideal

Fingernails: Ensure that they are clean and trimmed, neutral polish

Fingernails: Ensure that they are clean and trimmed

Tattoos: Should be covered

Tattoos: Should be covered

Jewelry: Minimal jewelry, classic style

Jewelry: Wedding or college rings are okay, but other jewelry should be removed

Fragrance: Wear minimal perfume (if at all)

Fragrance: Wear minimal cologne (if at all)

Briefcase: A briefcase, portfolio, or professional and bag/purse with a notepad and a pen

Briefcase: A briefcase with a notepad and a pen



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