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Natchee Barnd


Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies and Native American Studies
-Associated Faculty in Environmental Humanities
-Associated Faculty in Center for Latin@ Studies and Engagement

260 Waldo Hall

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Dr. Natchee Barnd (Ojibwe)

Boozhoo/Hello.   I am a comparative and critical ethnic studies scholar interested in the intersections between ethnic studies, cultural geography, and indigenous studies.  My research focuses on issues of race, space, and indigenous geographies.  I am currently working to publish my first book on the use of Indianness in the production of social and cultural spaces.  I also write on pedagogy, contemporary media, and popular culture, and have begun comparative work on spatiality and indigeneity in English settler colony nations (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States).

I have worked extensively with on-campus cultural centers [see this video on the OSU cultural centers], with a special emphasis on combining scholarship, mentoring, and community building.  Before joining Oregon State University I taught at a number of schools, including San Francisco State University and UC San Diego.

  • PhD and MA in Ethnic Studies, UC San Diego
  • MA in American Indian Studies, UCLA
  • BA in Ethnic Studies and Philosophy with minor in Native American Studies, Sonoma State University

In Spring 2013, I had the honor of interviewing some of OSU's Native American Longhouse staff, as part of a collaborative oral history project between the Longhouse, Ethnic Studies, and Oregon Multicultural Archives.

Local front page news of my Social Justice Tour of Corvallis

My 2013-2014 Center for the Humanities fellowship  -- Lecture Flyer

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Previous Courses

Upcoming Courses

  • Intro to Native American Studies (Fall 2014)
  • Native Amercian Assimilation and Activism (Winter 2015)
  • Public Discourse and Writing on Race // Writing Intensive Course (Winter 2015)
  • Intro to Ethnic Studies OR Ethnohistory Methodology // graduate only (SPring 2015)

Student highlight
Check out ES major Zandro Lerma's feature video and story for this year's commencement:


Forthcoming 2015.  Inhabiting Indianness: Native Space and American.  Oregon State University Press (First Peoples: New Directions in Indigenous Studies Initiative).


Oregon State University Press

Inhabiting Indianness Manuscript cover
Forthcoming 2014.  "A Tribal Litany for Survival: South Lake Tahoe, California and Dresslerville, Nevada."  Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers,  volume 76.  Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers cover

2013. "White Man's Best Friend:Race and Privilege in Oliver and Company."  Diversity in Disney Films: Critical Essays on Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexuality, and Disability.  Edited by Johnson Cheu.  McFarland Publishers.



Diversity in Disney Films book cover

2010.  "Inhabiting Indianness: Colonial Culs-de-Sac."  American Indian Culture and Research Journal 34(3).



American Indian Culture and Research Journal cover

2008.  "A New Era for Teaching American Indian Studies."  Teaching Race in the 21st Century: Teachers Talk About Their Fears, Risks, and Rewards.  Edited by Lisa Guererro.  Palgrave Macmillan. 



Teaching Race in the 21st Century book cover


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A July 14, 2013 PDF for an article from Larry Bobo about the acquital of George Zimmerman for the shooting and killing of Trayvon Martin.  Bobo is W.E.B. Du Bois Professor of the Social Sciences and Chair of the Department of African American Studies at Harvard University.   

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Video from the Indigenous Environmental Network exploring issues of Food Sovereignty.


 Waleth Inequality in America Nice YouTube video about wealth disparities and inequality in the US. 
Aamer Rahman reverse racism Natchee Barnd In just under three minutes, Bangladeshi-Australian comedian Aamer Rahman deftly explains the impossibility of "reverse racism" and more!  Enjoy.   
10 Racial Justice Wins 2013 Natchee Barnd Brief video recapping 10 Racial Justice Wins for 2013.  A wide-ranging reflection on the positive outcomes in social justice, narrated by Rinku Sen, executive director of Race Forward: the Center for Racial Justice Innovation. 
8 Successful and Aspiring Black Communities Destroyed by White Neighbors_Natchee Barnd A little history for you.  Brief story from the Atlanta Blackstar outlining "8 Successful and Aspiring Black Communities Destroyed by White Neighbors." 
Black Beaver_Natchee Barnd Black Beaver video.  Our students, including Ethnic Studies major Anderson Duboise, respond to and support the Black Bruins (see below), and make a statement about diversity and Black student experiences here at OSU.  Who is up next!? 
Black Bruin_Natchee Barnd UCLA's Black Bruin video.
Invasion of America_Natchee Barnd_Ethnic Studies Invasion of America (map/video):  watch timeline and geography of how Native lands were taken, treaty by treaty, acre by acre. 


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