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The Everyone Matters campaign is an initiative to foster inclusiveness and reduce intolerance.  Faculty, staff, administrators, and students are encouraged to participate in the campaign by:

  • Inviting students (or faculty) to upload a 15-second video from smartphone or webcam sharing experience of being misjudged—or misjudging!— or how they learned to be more inclusive, stronger, or wiser;
  • Taking the 24-Hour Challenge to “Not Judge in Thought or Action” for a whole day—and inviting your class, student organization, or department to take the 24-Hour challenge;
  • Inviting your class, student organization or department to submit videos as a group classroom project, themed to pride of identity, being judged, judging others or related topic. (With the help of Everyone Matters staff, you can quickly and easily create a video page on Tout for your institution or course to upload the videos to a single page, with your institution's name and logo. It's simple and easy to do.)
  • Contacting Everyone Matters staff and collaborating with innovative ideas for community involvement, classroom projects or to involve your students.

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