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Many students express an interest in developing spirituality during their university years. Opportunities to do so with other students can be explored through the religious/spiritual/philosophical groups on campus. All groups are coordinated by the Religious Advisors Association in cooperation with Student Involvement and the Office of the Dean of Student Life at Oregon State University.

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OSU Religious Advisors Association


Oregon State University acknowledges the importance of religious organizations to its students and values the contributions of the faculty and religious Advisors of those organizations. This document is a statement of the cooperative and mutually supportive relationship between the Religious Advisors Association at Oregon State University (RAA/OSU) and Oregon State University (OSU).


The stated purpose of the RAA/OSU is to provide a framework within which Advisors of recognized Religious/Spiritual/Philosophical Organizations at OSU may, within the limits determined by their respective convictions, cooperate to:

  1. acknowledge the value of spiritual pursuit and development among the OSU community
  2. fulfill the common purposes of their work within OSU
  3. serve and support OSU
  4. provide a platform for communication and referral between OSU Religious/Spiritual/Philosophical Organizations and the larger OSU community through regular meetings


The RAA/OSU is open to the faculty and religious Advisors of all Recognized Religious/Spiritual/Philosophical groups on the OSU campus who:

  1. endorse the stated purpose of the RAA/OSU
  2. share costs and responsibility as established by the RAA/OSU. A list of current members of the RAA/OSU will be provided annually to the OSU Office of Student Affairs


The RAA/OSU is organized and functions as an outgrowth of certain positions held by OSU. The following statements are based on the philosophy that OSU recognizes the needs and rights of students, faculty and staff to pursue, examine and affirm a personal religious faith or life philosophy. OSU further recognizes that the examination, affirmation and exercise of a personal faith or life philosophy is an important component in the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, ethical and personal development of the individual.

  1. As a public institution, OSU avoids policies or actions that promote religion per se or favor one particular faith over another while recognizing the integrity and identity of OSU and the RAA/OSU. However, OSU supports and fosters an atmosphere in which interested members of the OSU community may freely express their religion and faith so long as such expressions do not violate OSU or public policy.
  2. The value of the RAA/OSU to students and the larger OSU community is recognized to include:
    • deepening our ability to live out spiritual values
    • providing a powerful expression of commitment to diversity
    • supporting our faith-based students
    • strengthening our ability to retain students of deep faith
    • broadening our support network for students in need
    • facilitating the exchange of information and increase religious Advisors' access to student groups
    • providing increased visibility of spiritual and other sources of support for students
  3. OSU urges university administrators, faculty, staff and students to be sensitive to spiritual issues, concerns and convictions.
  4. In keeping with its function as an educational institution, OSU supports the academic study of religion.
  5. OSU seeks to accommodate the needs of students, faculty, and staff to associate for religious purposes and, where appropriate, assist in the provision of opportunities and resources for religious expression and dialogue.
  6. OSU supports and encourages those organizations and programs which help those in the OSU community to:
    • articulate a personal faith or philosophy of life
    • acquire skills and knowledge needed to address issues of values, ethics, and spirituality
    • acquire an understanding of the interaction of faith, intellectual inquiry and social responsibility as bases for finding and affirming meaning and satisfaction in life
    • provide a forum for dialogue between and among representatives of the religious and the secular
    • provide interested members of the OSU community with reasonable opportunity to express their faith both individually and communally

Establishing Religious Organizations

OSU students who desire to organize for religious purposes may gain a formal recognition with OSU by the Student Events & Activities through a process administered by Student Leadership & Involvement. When applications are approved, student organizations enjoy benefits available to recognized organizations which, among others, include access to OSU information channels, access to OSU facilities, liaison with OSU administration and access to limited funding sources.

For more information, please contact Deborah Hobbs at (541) 737-5082 or email Ms. Hobbs at Deborah.Hobbs@oregonstate.edu.

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