Angela Tibbs - Student Affairs Service Award 2006-07

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Angela Tibbs
Services for Students with Disabilities


Angie is described as Ebullient (overflowing with enthusiasm,) feisty, friendly, funny, fantastic, super, trustworthy and kind. She is an emerging young professional who is the perfect person to receive this award. Angie places great value on her working relationships and rarely misses an opportunity to express admiration and appreciation for her colleagues. Her warmth creates a welcoming environment for students, and her kind and giving spirit is felt by everyone she comes in contact with.  Her wonderful laugh makes you smile even when you are not in the same room! 

In the two years since her hiring, Angie has moved from her original position as an OSI, to an OSII, to her current professional faculty position as Alternative Formats Program Manager.  Each move was based on her exceptional skills, desire to learn, customer care and satisfaction, motivation to tackle the unknown, and never being afraid to ask a question. 

She is known for her positive attitude and as a see’er of  possibilities who uses her creativity to make SSD a more efficient organization.  Angie never changes her approach to excellence whether she is working in the forefront or behind the scenes. When she gives her word you can be sure that something will happen as a resultShe is open to advice and is not afraid to seek guidance from others.  She has high expectations of herself and believes that everyone can achieve more when they are supported by others.

Angie is a dedicated and resourceful multi-tasking master!  She has taken leadership in organizing the financial records, property management, human resource paperwork and overall organization of the office. When the Technology Access Program transitioned to SSD, she worked late evenings and weekends to make sure the disruption of e-text production was minimal and that it had no impact on serving students.  She has moved the office furniture no less than three times to find the best use of space and managed to save SSD from the unpopular status as the blower-upper of all electrical circuits on the second floor of Kerr! 

In describing how Angie is at the heart of the unit or has made a difference in the lives of students and staff, her colleagues spoke about her can-do attitude, her generous nature and her infectious laugh that makes them all want to achieve more. One person said, “what she has done for SSD is ‘way-way-way’ beyond her job description.”  She consistently works above and beyond and willingly backs up other service coordinators and program managers.  Another said that she has been a great person to work with and is the most dedicated OSU employee he had ever known.

Congratulations from us all, Angie! 

12th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 22, 2007