Campus Compact: Vision and Values

Student Affairs faculty and staff will provide leadership for the development of a positive sense of community at Oregon State University. We will collaborate with others to enhance the educational environment and to support the teaching and learning process. We value and respect the individual and believe that sharing knowledge changes lives.

  1. Our university is an environment where teaching and learning are the most important activities, and where challenge and support fosters lifelong learning.

  2. Our university is a learning community where there is respectful discourse, a safe environment for taking risks, and where individuals and ideas can make a difference.

  3. Our university is a network of relationships built upon shared responsibility and leadership, where community members work for common goals.

  4. Our university is a community where we are empowered by the depth of our commonalties and strengthened by the affirmation of our individuality.

  5. Our university is a dynamic, evolving environment where energy is intentionally focused toward sustaining and developing staff members.

  6. Our university is an honest community where we are truthful about our struggles, acknowledge conflict, confront obstacles, and provide an environment for dialogue, discovery, and individual growth.

  7. Our university is a place where we have pride in our traditions, hope for our future, and a commitment to progress and positive change.

Our university will achieve this vision only as the result of intentional actions on the part of campus community members. We will develop a dynamic CAMPUS COMPACT, which will define our specific desired outcomes and the actions through which we will accomplish them. Our Compact is our pledge that we will move beyond lofty ideals and engage in focused behavior.