Debi Stabler - Student Affairs Service Award 2003-04

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Debi Stabler
Women’s Center


During the past two years, Debi Stabler has worked as a graduate assistant in the Women’s Center as she has pursued her master’s degree in College Student Services Administration (CSSA). She has managed the hiring, training, evaluation, discipline, and nurturing of personnel, while supervising the daily program, facilities, and operation needs of the Center. She has organized and implemented a variety of educational and cultural programs and outreach efforts, including the annual Conference on Gender and Culture. Debi utilized her extraordinary technical skills to develop the Women’s Center PowerPoint presentation and was instrumental in getting the new web page up and running. Her contributions to the were especially valuable during the year she was basically in charge of all of the day-to-day operations while the director served in an interim role in Student Involvement.

Debi has brought a strong sense of leadership and stability to the Women’s Center. She provides a calm, professional presence, and exhibits energy, commitment and passion for women’s issues. She has made herself available after hours and has still demonstrated an ability to balance her professional, school and personal lives.

Debi has been described as an ambitious learner and a doer. She has sought involvement that has not only increased her knowledge and level of experience, but has also provided a great deal of assistance to the campus community.  She has worked with the Graduate Women’s Network, Women Who Dared, the Sexual Assault Response Network and the Women’s Center Advisory Board.  She also helped write the job description and served on the search committee for the new Queer Resource Center Coordinator.

As a CSSA graduate student, Debi has been described as “one of the brightest” and an example of “a fantastic indication of where the profession is going.”  She has been crucial to the design and implementation of the new portfolio capstone project. For one of her practicum experiences, Debi shadowed the Dean of Students to gain a broader perspective of Student Affairs work. She went at this task like she does so many others – in the learning mode – and ended up stretching her experience from the one term requirement into one full year. During the time she spent with the Dean of Students she served on the Student Life Design Team, shadowed every employee in Student Life, visited sororities, served on the Student Affairs Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT), and developed a presentation to help faculty deal with disruptive students.

Debi not only demonstrates the values of the Campus Compact, she LIVES them!  Although she is a new professional in the field of Student Affairs, Debi is wise beyond her years. She is poised and professional, communicates and clearly articulates her point, and is sensitive to others. Debi is thoughtful, goes above and beyond and adds value to her work.  She is ultra-organized, tactful and calm in the face of a storm.  She is open, just, disciplined, caring and celebrative.  Her excellence is characterized by integrity, an incredible relationship builder who deeply cares for others. Debi is humble, modest, and never seeks self-recognition, but choosing instead to give credit to others. Debi has a great, subtle sense of humor that introduces a little bit of fun into all that she does.


9th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 24, 2004