John Glass - Student Affairs Service Award 2003-04

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

John Glass
Student Media


In his capacity as Chief Engineer for KBVR FM and TV, John is responsible for the technical aspects of both KBVR TV and FM, and helping students learn how to optimize the use of the equipment.

John helps with the department’s COMM classes taught in our facility.  He offers expertise to both student groups and community groups seeking information about audio and video.  He works collaboratively with the Media Services Center on campus, the Music Department, and willingly offers his assistance to any other groups on campus.  He works with student groups on everything from the ASOSU debates to the “Battle of the Bands.”

After working a 12-hour day the Saturday of Mom’s Weekend, John came back to work on Sunday for three hours so that students could do a production for their visiting mothers.  No matter how inconvenient, John is always willing to give extra time to help out student productions.  He views “going the extra mile” as being just another part of his job.

John has been described as “one of the most dedicated professionals” by his colleagues.  He takes his assignments seriously and is constantly put in the position of fixing something because someone acted before thinking.  In spite of constant frustrations, he loves his job and the people with whom he works.  He delights in student successes and anything he can do to make more successes happen.

John possesses many notable virtues, but the one word that best describes him is “determined.”  He considers it his bounden duty to fulfill job expectations to the fullest, and even go beyond, if need be.

OSU, the Student Media Department, and students are greatly benefited by John’s presence and involvements.  Congratulations, John!



9th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 24, 2004