Joy Jorgensen - Student Affairs Service Award 2003-04

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Joy Jorgensen
Office of Enrollment Management


Joy has been with Enrollment Management for nine years. She is responsible for providing administrative support to the Assistant Provost for Enrollment Management, which includes all aspects of office management.  She assists Enrollment Management units and Academic Programs with payroll and position searches.  She also provides administrative support to Enrollment Management units when they are short-staffed due to position vacancies.  Joy’s is well versed in human resources policies, and is described as having “absolutely superior” administrative skills. 

In addition to all of her regular responsibilities, Joy has helped a great deal with Pre-College Programs by stepping up to be the contact person and coordinating the budgets and administrative processes.  Joy is also an expert at keeping people in the loop of information -- she knows how to get people together in the right place, in the right time!

Joy has been involved with EM directors in developing division-wide initiatives.  Recently, this has included OSU 2007 recommendations (all of which were ultimately approved), creation of a new administrative structure for Pre-College Programs, and the development of the Dual Enrollment Summit Conference.  Joy participated in the Student Affairs visioning process, and contributed time and energy to collecting and organizing rights and responsibilities statements from various departments with the division.  She has worked collaboratively on a number of division and university-wide committees and most recently made major contributions to the success of the Student Affairs End-of-the-Year Service Awards and Celebration event.

Joy has proven herself to be the “heart” of Enrollment Management, she takes an active role in all division-wide activities, and is willing to take on issues in areas with which she has little or no prior experience.  She is quick to volunteer to help complete a task, engage others around the issues at hand, or contribute to the conversation that shapes decision. 

When asked to describe Joy, colleagues used words like organized, persistent, motivated and open to new opportunities.  She is willing to take risks and try things she has not done before -- and she always makes it work out in the end.  I don't recall her ever saying “no” to a new opportunity or request, nor has she ever come back after taking something on and said "I couldn't do it."  She always finds a way to get the job done, and done well.

Joy truly goes above and beyond the requirements of her job.  She is always willing to take on new assignments or added workload that most others would have declined.  Joy is described as an unsung hero -- a humble, behind the scenes leader, who brings people together and gets things done.

Joy demonstrates the values of the Campus Compact every day.  She is open and caring and knows how to celebrate!  She exemplifies the concepts of challenge, life-long learning and respectful discourse.  Joy is compassionate and honest, and you can count on her to give you feedback when you need it.  In addition to all that has been said, Joy has worked for years to complete a bachelor’s degree, which will come about within the next two years.  One colleague stated, “I have never been more proud of anyone I have worked with.”   Joy Jorgensen, we salute you!


9th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 24, 2004