Kent Sumner - Student Affairs Service Award

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Kent Sumner
Memorial Union


Kent’s official title is Marketing Coordinator but as I learned from speaking with his colleagues that barely begins to describe the contributions Kent makes to Oregon State University.  Kent’s work includes marketing assessment for the Memorial Union, Craft Center supervision, responsibility for the Memorial Union Concourse art exhibits and supervision of a host of graphic design students.

In the course of his days Kent works closely with the OSU Marketing and Publications offices.  He is a member of the OSU Assessment Committee and he was instrumental in the design of the new student and staff ID cards which will be rolled out with the ID conversation later this summer.  Kent is the mover and shaker behind the wonderful Holiday Marketplace held every December in the MU Ballroom.

Kent is a great team worker – he is one of those people who works quietly behind the scenes, never looking for glory but is always available and dependable.  One co-worker called Kent “the quietest, most self-effacieing person I’ve ever known.”  Another, co-worker said that he can always ask Kent for anything at anytime and Kent will rise to the challenge because Kent is readily accessible to his co-workers and to his students.  One of Kent’s colleagues described Kent as “a true education, when he works with students he understands them and is able to bring out the best in them.  He knows how to care for creative people.

Your colleagues describe you as a nurturer.  They say that you are magnanimous and inclusive.  Others words they used to describe you are grounded, caring, and concerned.  Your colleagues were especially happy to nominate you for this award because you are they kind of person who “feeds people’s souls.”  Your good spirit and kind dignity supports everyone who is privileged to work with you.

You are deeply respected for the amazing level of excellence you bring to your work and your relationships.  You are admired for the importance you have placed upon the on-going education and development of both staff and students and for your commitment to Oregon State University.

Congratulations, Kent, and thanks for all you do to enrich our lives!



9th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 24, 2004