Lora Jasman - Student Affairs Service Award 2006-07

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Lora Jasman
Director of Student Health Services


Choosing the winning candidate from among three incredible individuals was a very difficult task.  Each person nominated by Student Health Services staff was truly deserving of this award.  We had to choose only one, Jodi would not let me award all three!

Here are the words of her supervisor:  “She is a remarkable person.  She is a highly principled leader who accords the deepest regard to every person with whom she interacts.  She has an amazing ability to listen intently and sensitively.  As a colleague, she is incredibly supportive and encouraging.  I have been most impressed with her commitment to learning.  She is relentless in her desire to learn about those things that will enhance her ability to serve others and perform successfully as a leader.  While others may shy away from difficult issues, she will approach those challenges and embrace the learning opportunities they offer.  She leads a value-centered life.  She is a person of deep commitment who lives through an ethic of care and an ethic of service.  In addition to the impressive skills, knowledge and values she brings to leadership she possesses a lively sense of humor – her smile and laughter are infectious. She is a sincere, compassionate and hopeful person who leads a deeply engaged life. I cherish the time I have had to work with her.  I will miss her as a colleague, but I will hold with me the joy of her friendship.

She has been a member of the Critical Incident Response Team, the Infectious Diseases Response Team, Student Affairs Health and Wellness Cluster planning and several ad-hoc campus wide and OUS-wide committees in her 17-year tenure.

Lora’s co-workers state that Lora deserves the utmost recognition for her services to Student Health.  She has expanded the breadth and raised the quality of medical care provided to our students. No one is more deserving, she is an incredible person.  She has provided unrecognized leadership to an important department for many years.  She co-directed the reorganization of SHS at a time when it was going through a tumultuous period.  She has the ability to run effective meetings and stays calm and level headed when dealing with stressful situations. One individual wrote, “I’ve never been involved with a health care organization that works so hard to foster communication…better working relationships and problem solving capabilities.” 

Lora is also a fun person to be around.  Those who work with her love her “great big laugh” as well as her impersonation of the “Little Old Lady” in SHS skits.

Lora sees Student Health as one of the “keys” to helping students succeed in their college career.  She sees every student who walks through our front doors as having a need and our sole purpose as caregivers is to meet that need.  Her desire is for every student who leaves our building to be better off than when they first came in.  She wants our patients to receive compassionate, respectful, quality care – no matter whom they are or where they are from.

Lora is a very caring and celebrative person.  When we recently lost one of our own employees to cancer, she made sure everyone had a chance to grieve and to take time to attend the memorial services.  She constantly advocates the recognition of other staff members for their outstanding contributions to our organization.

If her co-workers were to describe Lora in one word….well, they found it impossible, so they creatively came up with a solution:  Committed-to-excellence and heart-felt-caring.

Congratulations, Lora, and thank you for all you do to make the world a better place!


12th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 22, 2007