Melanie McNaughton - Student Affairs Service Award 2003-04

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Melanie McNaughton
Office of the Registrar


There have been many changes since you began working in the Office of the Registrar some 25 years ago.  When you accepted your first position as a records clerk, your primary duties were to process student records on a typewriter.  Over the years, you progressively increased your knowledge and level of responsibility to become the manager of the record unit and supervisor to seven employees.

Your leadership is held up as one to learn from and emulate.  Before asking others to do so, you take the time to learn a task or process thoroughly, forward, backward and inside-out. You understand the big picture and the importance of consistency and accuracy of office processes, and how to best pass that on to others. 

You understand the staff you supervise and have sense when it comes to identifying learning readiness. You are intentional and purposeful in the way in which you train those you supervise to ensure that they feel confident and competent, and are secure in their ability to provide accurate information to the larger campus community. 

When Banner arrived in 1991, you led the way!  You stayed focused on the best possible outcomes, and the smoothest transitions possible for your colleagues and customers.  Even during some times of uncertainty, skepticism, and apprehension, you remained positive and kept the office moving forward. 

You are known for going the extra mile with those you supervise.  The way in which you support their learning and provide extra training for just one person, bares witness to your commitment to the growth and success of those you lead.  You are admired for your efforts to be fair and to ensure equal treatment for all.  

Your very presence has made a difference in the Office of the Registrar!  You are the poster child for pleasant and courteous service.  The way in which you speak to and care for students, staff and faculty serves as a model for others. You are an excellent problem solver and patiently stick with it until you come up with an answer that satisfies the customer.  Simply put, you are not only a picture of good customer service, but are quick to reward the staff for theirs!         

Congratulations, Melanie, you are a superstar!



9th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 24, 2004