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Cherie R. Brown, Founder-CEO of the National Coalition Building Institute

Cherie BrownMs. Brown has a M.Ed. in Counseling and Consulting Psychology from Harvard University and over the last twenty five years has built NCBI into one of the leading diversity training and grassroots leadership organizations worldwide.

Ms. Brown’s work has been featured on ABC Evening News, National Public Radio (NPR), Christian Science Monitor World News; and in The Washington Post, Los Angeles Time’s Sunday Magazine, Washington Times, New York Times, USA Today, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, and Fortune Magazine. In 1999, the work of NCBI was designated a “best practice for racial reconciliation” by President Clinton’s Initiative on Race. The U.S. Department of Education chose NCBI’s work on race and gender issues on college campuses as one of only five organizations to receive a designation of “best practice”.  She has presented numerous programs and workshops on college campuses throughout the country.

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Robert Dungey, Director of the National Coalition Building Institute, CanadaRobert Dungey

Robert Dungey is the National Director of the National Coalition Building Institute Canada (NCBI) and the Associate Director of NCBI’s Campus Program. He has a M.A. degree from Eastern Michigan University in Educational Psychology and has done postgraduate work at McMaster University. Robert was a faculty member at George Brown College and consults and facilitates seminars throughout Canada, England, South Africa, and the United States for students, teachers, private industry, community groups, and government agencies.

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Dr. Renay Scales, Senior NCBI Associate & Campus Regional Director

Dr. Scales has over twenty years of senior professional experience in the areas of Human Resources and Social Justice.  She has served in business and industry, healthcare and in higher education. She has also been affiliated with NCBI International Renay Scalesfor twenty years, and is currently a Senior Associate, Campus Regional Director and Prominent Leader with the International Black African Heritage Constituency Caucus.During her career in higher education she has primarily served as a Chief Human Resources and/or Diversity Officer.

She considers her greatest accomplishments a model she developed over the last fifteen years for building alliances between non-majority women and white women; success in recruiting and retaining non-majority executives and faculty at predominantly white institutions; capstone research on ethics in teaching; developing and implementing a community engagement and academic program with UKZN in South Africa; awards for civil leadership, barrier-breaking, and leadership.

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Joyce Johnson Shabazz,  Senior NCBI Trainer & Certified Family & Community Mediator

Ms. Shabazz is a certified family and community mediator with 30 years of experience.  She designs and develops workshops Joyce Shabazzon diversity and conflict resolution. Shabazz is a counselor of Life Skills Dynamics and Blended Families in private practice. She directs a non-profit subsidiary that specializes in leadership development for Black and African Heritage people. 

Ms. Shabazz is a consultant to numerous school systems, organizations in the private and public sectors. Her work has taken her to England, the Pacific Islands, Brazil, Canada and South Africa. As a keynote speaker, educational conferences, colleges and institutions access her. As an educator, she has worked in support of the Center for Peaceable Schools at Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S., for the past decade and has taught four different courses in the Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, with a Specialty in Conflict Resolution and Peaceable Schools.

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