This is Our Anthem

Division of Student Affairs
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We wish to share with you our story:

our achievements, our struggles, our goals, our commitments.

We hope you will join in our journey to make Oregon State University the best place it can be, for all of us.

This is our mission and vision

Our vision clearly shows how our mission has come to life.


The Division of Student Affairs contributes to and facilitates the success
of students and Oregon State University.


Faculty and staff provide leadership for the positive development of community at Oregon State University. We collaborate with others to enhance the educational environment and support the teaching and learning process.

We value and respect the individual and believe that sharing knowledge changes lives.

We have a leader who trusts people to work through issues, gives them time and space to do so and wants them to feel powerful.

Deb Burke

I have worked on three other campuses and have never been in a place that was so intentional about defining how they have wanted people to be treated and the expectations they have had for their community.

Kristie Deschesne


Our university encompasses our vision in many dimensions.


We have developed a community where we are empowered by the depth of our commonalities and strengthened by the affirmation of our individuality.

We are a network of relationships built upon shared responsibility and leadership, where community members work for common goals.

We provide an environment where teaching and learning are the most important activities, where challenge and support foster lifelong learning.

We have maintained a learning community where there is respectful discourse and a safe environment for taking risks, where individuals and ideas can make a difference.

We have created a place where we have pride in our traditions, hope for our future and a commitment to progress and positive change.

We are an honest community where we are truthful about our struggles, acknowledge conflict, confront obstacles and provide an environment for dialogue, discovery and individual growth.

We have embraced a dynamic, evolving environment where energy is intentionally focused toward sustaining and developing members.

Our university will achieve this vision as the result of intentional actions on the part of campus community members. The CAMPUS COMPACT defines our specific desired outcomes and the actions through which we will accomplish those outcomes. Our COMPACT acts as a pledge that we will move beyond lofty ideals and engage in focused behavior.


THE REALITY OF OUR vision, values and commitments


Oregon State University aspires to stimulate a lasting attitude of inquiry, openness and social responsibility. On our journey to meet these aspirations, we are committed to providing excellent academic programs, dynamic educational experiences and creative scholarship.

The OSU mission is central to the work of Student Affairs and is evident in our commitments. The Land Grant tradition of Oregon State University brings with it the responsibility to preserve, enrich and transmit cultures, while thoughtfully and respectfully transforming behaviors.

As a division, we have positioned ourselves to be learners and leaders in a dynamic educational and social environment. We choose to empower students to pursue their best possible futures and we contribute to our institution in a way that supports achievement of its desired outcomes.

If we are to achieve our desired outcomes and contribute positively to the mission and strategic aims of Oregon State University, we must engage in specific behavior. The initiatives we have identified represent concrete activities we will pursue in order to achieve our desired state.

As a framework for our community building efforts, we employ the work of Ernest Boyer and the Carnegie Commission for the Advancement of Teaching. The Carnegie Report outlines six principles of community upon which colleges and universities should build social and academic activities, and which can give clarity to the civic and academic standards and values of institutions. These principles are outlined in Campus Life: In Search of Community (1990).

The six principles suggest that colleges and universities should strive to be communities that are purposeful, open, just, disciplined, caring and celebrative. The Carnegie Report concludes with the recommendation that these principles be adopted as a CAMPUS COMPACT by those colleges and universities that choose to adopt and act on the principles of community.

We've talked a lot about how we have to be sensitive to the fact that we have had a lot of hard things happen, but we also need to celebrate the good things that have happened.

Cindy Empey


These are our values


We have established a set of core values that we hold true to our organization.

Oregon State University’s primary responsibility to students is to promote student success, defined as the degree to which students achieve their goals. Our commitment is to organize educational structures, activities, programs, services and relationships in a dynamic environment for a diverse population in such a way as to expand and elevate students’ aspirations and visions of what constitutes success.

As members of the Division of Student Affairs at Oregon State University, we engage our energies and resources with educational partners to produce an environment that can serve as the foundation for student success. Our values are reflective of and complimentary to the values and mission of our University.

Knowledge. We collaborate with teaching and learning partners to foster an academic environment founded on intellectual freedom, creativity, and the pursuit, elaboration and application of knowledge.

Humanity. We are inclusive and compassionate; we honor and uphold diversity, civility and dignity.

Integrity. We are dedicated to wholeness, honesty and congruence with our stated values.

Responsibility. We are stewards of our OSU community and its human, intellectual, fiscal and physical resources.

Community. We are a caring and responsible community whose members are engaged, nurtured, stimulated and sustained.

You don’t have to have a legitimate position in the hierarchy to be a leader here. It seems that leadership is exercised at all formal levels of the organization, which has really impressed me quite a bit. That’s really unique to Oregon State University.

Rich Shintaku


These are our commitments


As members of the Division of Student Affairs, we affirm our commitment to vigorously and responsibly foster a purposeful, open, just, disciplined, caring and celebrative community at Oregon State University. We will be held accountable for the sincerity of our commitments and the honesty of our actions.

Our commitment to community remains grounded on principles articulated in the Division of Student Affairs CAMPUS COMPACT (1996).

Purposeful. We aspire to create a purposeful community, dedicated to enabling individuals to be successful learners, teachers and leaders in the University and in the larger community.

Open. We aspire to create an open community where people feel safe to ask questions, to share ideas and experiences and to express their individuality.

Just. We aspire to create a just community, where the dignity of every individual is affirmed and where equality of opportunity
is vigorously pursued.

Disciplined. We aspire to create a disciplined community, where each member of the community is committed and responsible for upholding the standards and expectations conducive to the common good.

Caring. We aspire to create a caring community where members value, nurture, respect and embrace each other, and where they take responsibility for the well-being
of others.

Celebrative. We aspire to create a celebrative community where we joyfully affirm all members and their contributions as meaningful to the University and the larger community.

Hopefully the vision of the CAMPUS COMPACT is heading towards becoming an introductory mechanism rather than just an aspiration. The immediate expectations that are set by the COMPACT should be the minimum. Anything beyond the expectations of the COMPACT should be encouraged.

Christian Matheis

It is impressive that an organization has the ability to create a document like the CAMPUS COMPACT. That is a critical first step. The real value of work that has been done is in its daily practice, its sustain-ability and its ability to inspire accountability in all of us.

Kyle Cassady

This is Our anthem