Robin Ryan - Student Affairs Service Award 2003-04

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Robin Ryan
Student Involvement


“There is joy in her efforts – she gets pleasure from seeing others do well.”  Always ready to step in when needed, Robin Ryan has earned the respect and admiration of students and staff she works with.  As Student Organizations & Event Coordinator, Robin oversees all aspects of student organization development.  She supervises the student event advising staff, manages the cultural meal program, and is the office “guru” on event requirements and limitations.  Robin spearheaded and doggedly pursued creating an updated computerized method for students to register their organization or event.  She continually works to market student organizations, so all students may “explore, engage and excel” as the Student Involvement motto states.

Robin is the faculty advisor for the International Students of OSU and the Rainbow Continuum, Chair of the Student Event Advisors Network, Member of the QRC Advisory Board, and ex-officio member of the Student Activities Committee.  She is also currently a member of the search committee for the LBGT Services Coordinator position.

With knowledge and a positive attitude, Robin advises groups on the various components necessary for a successful food event.  Her willingness to roll up her sleeves and help with any aspect of an event has given the students the opportunity to see what motivation and dedication put into action can achieve.

Being considered the heart of the unit, Robin was described as “the working muscle that keeps things pumping.” Having been referred to as the “rock” of the organization is in part due to her longevity within the unit, as well as her being a constant source of strength and continuity. The one word used by more than one of her peers was “engaged,”  -- always receiving the highest value from her job from engaging with students.  Years after graduating, many students still stay in touch with Robin, thinking of her as a friend and as a continuing connection to OSU

Some of the values of the Campus Compact Robin demonstrates are discipline, as she sets processes and limitations, being sure the rights and responsibilities of student groups are adhered to, always following up on an issue to ensure compliance.  Being just as evidenced by her passion for social justice, caring deeply about her colleagues and advocating for students, never being afraid to share her opinion.  She is open in her dealings with the various committees she is committed to, hearing all sides of an issue, as well as being a strong Safe Zone advocate.  And of course she is celebrative always, helping students celebrate their culture; she really knows how to throw a party!

The students matter – their success is paramount.  And that is why the people of Student Involvement and the OSU Division of Student Affairs are proud to honor Robin with this award.



9th Annual Service Awards Celebration

Division of Student Affairs

Oregon State University

May 24, 2004