Tom Munnerlyn - Student Affairs Service Awards

Statement of Wonderfulness

In Celebration of

Tom Munnerlyn
Career Services


Why nominate Tom?  “He’s always the first one to nominate someone else.  Tom Munnerlyn is always pushing others to the front.  He’s worked hard on being a good leader and I want to celebrate his courage and ability to do that.  Tom is always looking for ways to celebrate others and it’s time to celebrate him.”

As Director of Career Services, he is responsible for providing leadership, guidance and direction for the office, staff and students.  Within Career Services, Tom’s dedication and drive for excellence has contributed to the office being known on a state and national level.  He has made it a priority to build mutually beneficial collaborative relationships across campus.  One of his coworkers echoes this sentiment when she states:  “Tom encourages us to participate in the world.” 

Tom has been involved in various searches across campus, strategic planning for the Division of Student Affairs and was active in the OSU 2007 vision process.  Tom is also active with the Circle of Friends and the Community for Academic Success.  In addition to being the Northwest Regional Director for the Western Association of Colleges and Employers (WACE) he serves on several national committees for the organization.

While directing an office and staying involved on campus and in national organizations, Tom still finds a way to be mindful of those around him.  In one word, he is described as “generous.”  He is the first in line to celebrate and look for ways to bring enjoyment into the community.  Student and staff love Tom because of his caring attitude and “awareness of our complexity as human beings and employees.”  Tom “works tirelessly to build relationships and empowers office members to fully participate in the defining and implementation of our mission.”

Those who work with Tom say that he is all about creating a learning environment for the office.  He supports professional development and looks for ways to improve the experiences of staff and students.  When working with graduate students, he makes an effort to ensure that they have an opportunity to integrate theory into practice, and get what they want and need out of their experiences.  Tom is just plain fun to be around, and that’s evidenced by the students that come back to visit him.

Determined.  Community-oriented.  Supportive.  Disciplined.  Caring.  Celebrative.  These are just some of the reasons that you are highly respected and regarded by those that work with and for you.  Your willingness to create opportunities for those around you to shine and thrive are commendable.  Know that not only on this day, but everyday, the work you do, and what you represent, is noticed and respected.

Congratulations Tom!  Thank you for all you do to enrich the lives of others at OSU!


9th Annual Service Awards Celebration
Division of Student Affairs
Oregon State University
May 24, 2004